Removing Advising Hold

Each semester, students will have an advising hold on their account, which will need to be removed by their faculty advisor during their meeting together.  This will require access to BANNER (see the faculty advising presentation for instructions on obtaining access).  Once logged into BANNER, follow the below directions to remove the advising hold.  For additional guidance, see Vee Lewis.

Instructions for removing the advising hold:

  1.  In the Go To field on the main screen in Banner type form name SPAAPIN
  2.  In the From Term field enter term (ex: Fall 2010 would be entered as 201008)
  3.  Tab to the ID field. Enter student’s WVU ID number
  4. Go to the next block (click your mouse button in one of the fields below gold line
    or press Ctrl key and Page Down key at the same time)
  5. Delete (hold down shift key and F6 key at same time or from menu at the top of 
    the form click on Record and select Remove)
  6. Save (diskette icon at top of page or from menu at the top of the form click on 
    File and select Save)
  7. To clear another student, Rollback (backwards arrow icon at top of page 
    or from menu at the top of the form click on File and select Rollback)